What are the best hair dryers for curly hair?

I utilized to think about having curly hair a curse. With senior high school as well as university, I would certainly defeat my curls into entry with Japanese aligning treatments, level irons, round brushes, as well as hrs upon hours of designing. Also into my very early 30s, I really did not know exactly how to deal with my naturally thick, kinky, as well as often kinky hair. I noticeably keep in mind letting my hair air dry before fulfilling some pals at a movie, only to have one of them wheeze upon seeing me and also exclaim: “What happened to you ?!” It goes without saying, my hair doesn’t exactly dry right into the perfect curls people think of when they announce just how much they desire they had curly hair.

Over the past few years, I’ve picked up a couple of designing tips that make it to make sure that I can wear my hair curly without eliciting shock and disbelief from those around me. Component of it boils down to locating the ideal lotion or gel for your hair kind, which is a discussion for another day. The other game changer for me was discovering the finest diffusers for curly hair to connect to my strike clothes dryer.

You may be wondering, is it far better to air completely dry or scattered curly hair? It actually depends on your hair type as well as how much time you have. Diffusing can aid establish your curls, reducing down on frizz and aiding your ‘do holds its shape. I do not mind my hair when I allow it air completely dry, yet the main issue I have is that you CAN NOT TOUCH your locks as they dry unless you wish to end up with a frizzy assortment on top of your head. I find it challenging to go out with a sopping damp head and also avoid relocate around, so I favor to diffuse prior to I head out the door. Drying my hair likewise permits me to make any last-minute designing modifies, like including a little oil or curling a couple of curls that really did not spiral the method I wanted them to. If you have curly hair that you desire to use naturally, it’s excellent to have both alternatives to air scattered and dry, and also the tools accessible to do both. Right here are the 5 best hair dryers for curly hair to help tame your unmanageable mane.

5 Best Hair Dryers for Curly Hair

Premium Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Limited Gift Set Edition

The Dyson dryer-and-diffuser duo finally made me believe I could actually wear my hair curly without looking like a poodle caught in a windstorm. This hair dryer set from appliance superstar Dyson has attachments for all hair types, curly included. The small, powerful motor with Dyson’s specially-engineered air technology dries hair quickly, cuts down on frizz, and reduces damage from heat styling. The diffuser easily attaches to the dryer with a magnet so you can easily volumize and gently dry your curls or even add a little extra texture to straighter locks.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

The two-piece design of this diffuser for curly hair provides options for both thin and thick hair types. Leave the cap on to mitigate the flyaways that often result from drying fine hair, and expose the teeth underneath to get the traditional lift that you expect from a diffuser attachment.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

This Panasonic, the EH-NA65K, seems to be the only one with a 120v rating, actually 125v but that wouldn’t matter as it would lower the power output, 14.5 amps instead of 15 amps, which is safe.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

Overall, this is a pretty decent hair dryer – with consideration of the price.
The attachments are a hard plastic, and get relatively hot, but they can be changed out while blow drying. The heat doesn’t cause too big of a problem, unless you have super sensitive hands. There is a thin lip on the attachments and the dryer end, and I feel it may wear over time, but its not an immediate issue. The comb attachment doesn’t exactly glide through my hair, but in small enough sections and pre combed, it does the job.The buttons are located on the handle, and my concern was accidental switches, but that hasn’t been a problem. I have noticed that the highest heat setting is a little too hot, and I don’t use it. That may change how hot the attachments get, if you use the highest heat, you may not be able to change them out before it cools down.


Get professional results at home with the Infiniti Pro by Conair AC motor/salon performance styling tool. The AC motor delivers a powerful airflow for fast drying and a longer life. It features ceramic technology that safely dries and promotes healthy looking hair and ionic technology for less frizz. The included true cold shot button locks in curls, waves and styles. Rocker switches toggle 3 heat and 2 speed settings for heat and airflow control. It includes a removable filter that prevents damaging lint build-up and extends motor life. It includes 2 concentrator attachments. Hanging ring for easy storage.

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