Polo shirt and short skirt,check the fashion items coming out of the tennis court.

Tracing back to the history of tennis, we know that this sport once belonged to the aristocracy, and the aristocracy has always been the trend indicator of ordinary people.

There is a theory that tennis originated in the 12th century. French monks invented the predecessor of tennis when playing court games, which is a game of hitting the ball back with their hands or on the wall of the court. By the middle of the 14th century, a French poet introduced it to the French court, and tennis became popular among the nobility.

In the 16th century, the wooden racket was born, and tennis flourished. It became popular among European dignitaries and became the most popular aristocratic sport.

Although tennis was an elegant sport, the clothes worn by aristocrats at that time limited their play, especially women, who wore long skirts and tight corsets, and it was difficult to show their real strength.

Fashionable women who love tennis began to desire comfortable and simple clothes, so some pioneers with a full sense of fashion began to work hard to design elegant and convenient tennis clothes for these women.

Tennis, a fertile land of fashion, began to sprout quietly, and countless “fashion Legends” were born from then on.

The history of tennis skirt

Tennis is an elegant sport, but you may wonder that the popular tennis skirt violates this “truth”. Because the tennis skirt is short and fluffy, it is difficult to match with elegant clothes.

However, after reading its predecessor, you will understand the connection.

In 1860, in Victorian England, the aristocrats loved the charming sport of tennis deeply, especially the noble women who were obsessed with elegance.

At that time, however, they could only play tennis in complex long skirts and heavy flannel skirts. Keren Ben horin, a fashion historian, once wrote in the history of skirt fashion: “Victorian women wore casual clothes when playing tennis in the 1880s and 1890s, including tight corsets, heavy underwear and petticoats, and wide skirts that wiped the ground.” It is conceivable that this dress made them fight very hard.

There are also very high requirements for the color of clothing. You must wear white.

Because white was a symbol of power at that time, elegant tennis with rich white clothes was the belief on the tennis court at that time.

Another reason is that white is not easy to see sweat stains. Athletes wear white clothes to avoid sweat spots on colorful clothes At that time, it was completely unthinkable for women to sweat, not to mention the rich and noble people in the upper class. They could not allow such an embarrassing situation to happen to themselves.

However, with the arrival of the sports boom, women are eager to get rid of the Victorian aesthetic, and they want to wear lighter and more suitable clothes for sports.

Until the 1920s, the tennis court ushered in a fashion turmoil.

At that time, Suzanne lenglen, a French tennis player, caused a sensation by wearing a knee length skirt and a headscarf designed by French designer Jean PATU at Wimbledon.

In an era when women’s bare legs would be considered disgraceful, lenglen’s bold avantgarde has opened up the pattern of people.

Lenglen’s style is sought after by upper class women and has become a new tennis fashion.

During this period, fashion and comfort became the trend of tennis courts.

After tasting the sweetness of short skirts, the girls became more and more out of control. They were more strict about the length of skirts and kept shortening skirts to meet their sports desire.

In 1949, a scandal broke out on the tennis court. American tennis player Gertrude Moran wore a mini skirt and lace shorts designed by British fashion designer Ted tin Ling during the competition.

While she was exercising, the photographer deliberately lay flat on the ground, trying to capture the scenery under her skirt.

This scene was shamed by the tennis industry, but it also began to lead the tennis fashion of the 1950s.

Moran’s Mini Skirt attracted the attention of the girls, who began to pursue the fluffy short skirt designed by Ted tin Ling, which is light, comfortable and has large activity space.

Ted tin Ling was the most famous tennis designer at that time. He claimed to be Amelia Blumer of this century. He said Blumer let people show their insteps, and I used the same exposure principle as her, only showing 0.6 meters more.

In the 1950s, Ted tin Ling’s tennis skirt evolved into a pleated skirt, which not only retained the advantages of easy movement, but also more beautiful and elegant in appearance.

Not only that, the short and small mini tennis skirt can show the good body. It is the last stubbornness when girls express their beauty on the tennis court.

As the mini tennis skirt became more and more popular, it went directly from the tennis court to the street and became the most horizontal fashion item in the fashion circle.

When it came to the streets, it was no longer limited to white and soft waxy comfortable materials, but red, blue, yellow and black. Printing and checkered patterns began to emerge in the streets, becoming the brightest scenery in the city street scene.

The history of tennis Polo shirt

It is the consensus of all tennis fans, including men, to get rid of the heavy shackles of clothing. At first, men’s tennis clothes, like women, must be elegant and conservative. Similarly, they cannot expose large areas of skin. Therefore, men need to wear pants, pullovers and knitted sweaters when playing tennis.

In the 1920s, American tennis player billtilden’s Collegiate Tennis style, low-key White V-Neck Sweater and matching pants, is still a classic match for men’s fashion. But how elegant this body looks, how much it suffers when it is actually operated.

Especially after a large number of sports, sweats wet sweaters, and sweaters become heavy and sticky. Athletes can’t show their real strength at all.

As a tennis player, Ren é lacoste has a deep experience of this kind of suffering. Ren é lacoste, a legendary French tennis player, created one legend after another in tennis history. He won his first championship at the age of 17. From 1925 to 1929, he won 10 grand slams at the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, including 7 singles and 3 doubles.

So he began to join the fashion circle. The first thing he did in the circle was to improve his tennis clothes.

While maintaining elegance, lacoste adds lightweight and breathable attributes to the tennis suit. The tennis suit designed by him made its debut at the 1926 US Open. The dress was made of a new breathable small convex mesh fabric. It was light and elastic, and immediately caught the critical eye of the French. This success gave lacoste a place in the fashion circle, and polo shirts began to dominate tennis fashion.

In the next 20 years, polo shirts became the first choice for tennis players.

Seeing that there was a big cake here, many wizards began to share their food. Fred Perry was one of the best.

Fred Perry is a legendary tennis player in Britain. In 1952, he officially launched his own clothing design at the Wimbledon open. The brand logo adopts the “laurel wreath”, which is inspired by the original Wimbledon logo.

At first, the brand mainly promoted the White Polo short sleeves that keep tennis elegant, without any fancy design. However, over the past few years, Fred Perry’s design has become very popular among young people. The brand is no longer limited to the stadium, and began to launch polo shirts of different colors. From then on, polo shirts also began to go to the streets.

Polo shirts are really popular in the fashion circle, thanks to one person, the designer Ralph Lauren.

In 1968, Ralph Lauren launched his first series of men’s clothing “Polo Ralph Lauren”. The reason why “polo” was used as the theme of the clothing was because Ralph Lauren thought that this kind of sports immediately reminded people of the leisure life of aristocracy.

At that time, polo shirt with Polo logo became one of the most popular men’s clothes. It was elegant, formal and noble. It was a must for men to show their taste. Since then, this tennis court dress has begun to shine in the fashion world.

Decent people who gallop on the tennis court are not only fascinated by tennis, but also want to make their bodies stretch and comfortable. At the same time, they can change the stereotype of sports through clothes and show their elegant temperament and bodybuilding posture. This is the demand of tennis players, but also the demand of the general public.

All the tennis balls are fashionable and accurate, which have hit the pain points of the public. There is no doubt that they have taken to the streets from the playground and become the most popular item among the fashion elites.

Nowadays, the combination of sports and fashion is still strong and will continue to influence Where is the next street fashion power with sports soul? We will wait and see!

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